Vanessa Woods
Souffle Sur Le Miroir
Souffle Sur le Miroir (Breath on the Mirror), RT: 9:14, Sound, (2006)
Directed by Vanessa Woods and Sarah Friedland

Souffle Sur le Miroir (Breath on the Mirror) was made during a four-month residency in Pont-Aven, France. The film seeks to explore how space, culture and geography influence dreams and how consequently those dreams can be reinterpreted through varied technologies. During their residency in the Summer of 2005, Sarah Friedland and Vanessa Woods interviewed residents in the town of Pont-Aven about their dreams. Of 15 the interviews taken, five were selected and reinterpreted using 16mm film, video, still photos, slides and animation.

Souffle Sur le Miroir (Breath on the Mirror) explores the notion of reflexivity, of the dream as a fundamental reflection of the internal. The mirror reflection is the paradigm of an imaginary order. The labyrinth of images in Breath on the Mirror push the idea of how varied human dreams are, seeking to conflate the space between lived reality and dream; or what is real (breath) and what is a reflection (the mirror).
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