Vanessa Woods
The Touch
The Touch, RT: 02:58 16mm b&w film transferred to video, sound (2006)

The Touch is a meditation on Anne Sexton’s poem of the same name. The film examines melodies within spoken, written and visual language and how they can interact. By juxtaposing text, image and sound, the viewer is asked to contemplate disparate forms of human response and emotion regarding language and imagery.

In The Touch, the text from the poem is first given life through single-frame animation, then through layered audio recording and finally through visuals that reinterpret it. Language and image investigate feelings of disembodiment, isolation and absence punctuated by sound and silence. Because the subject of the poem deals specifically with the idea of touch, the film sustains a highly tactile, textural quality wherein the filmmaker’s hand is an overt presence.
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