Vanessa Woods
The Stillness in the Room
The Stillness in the Room, RT: 08:30, 16mm b&w film transferred to video, sound (2007)

A memento mori of sorts, The Stillness in the Room explores 19th century English death and mourning rituals within a framework of time, growth and decay. The film draws upon the regimented mourning procedures set fourth by Queen Victoria, characterized by a strict dress code which included the black “weeping veil--” a veil of black crepe worn during the first year of grieving. In the film, the veil is a dominant trope that serves to reveal fragments of imagery, ritual, and emotive experience. The films edits are fluid and malleable like the veil. Much of the film was put through various processes of decay, thereby physically implicating the subject of the film in its physical structure.
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