Vanessa Woods
(In)Visible 2014-16
In the series (In)visible, identities and bodies are tangled and draped with fabric. The fabric represents the beginning and end of the life cycle. I began this series during my first pregnancy, which also coincided with death of my grandfather and a close friend. I was thinking about the furling and unfurling of life and how mysterious and arbitrary it can be--how there is a constant sense of unknowing or invisibility. Later, when I gave birth to my son, my body was draped in blue hospital cloth. Concurrently, my grandfather passed away and his body was draped with cloth before being removed. I began to see the cloth as a metaphor for life and death. In this series, bodies emerge and disappear from fabric, as do histories and allegories. The fabric acts as a way to reconfigure and reimagine history, time and the body.