Vanessa Woods
The RiddleThe RehearsalSoundless EchoesFalse ShuffleDo as I DoBall ThrowCan See to Can't SeeWeighted WaitDisappearing WomanApogeeYour Breath Would Come out in White CloudsThis Side of the DarkWadering ShadowsSilted ShadowsVanishing ActObstaclesTic Tac ToeShoreless SeasUntitledBorder WorldWaiting for RainbowsBloom and VanishStill LifeAct 2UnderstudySilent as a Stone
Somewhere Between Here and There 2017
"Over and over, the works in Somewhere Between Here and There invoke not only the borderlands of dreams but the shadow world inhabited by those we mourn. Serving both as elegies and remembrances, Woods’ collages navigate the place between memory and history; the known, and the lost, evocations of the liminal place between life and the vast unknown beyond, where the recently-dead linger in our memories-- remaining just beyond our reach, as we come to grips with loss; still speaking to them, even if only silently."
--Maria Porges